Stay independent with an elderly companion

Caring for an elderly parent can be stressful. One in four adults has a senior parent, who may require extra help in order to go about their daily lives. Moving them to a retirement facility may not be a solution, either party wants. Many older people would like to remain in their homes, where they feel the most comfortable. We can provide in home companionship, for an elderly parent or aging relative.

Elderly companions can be there for a parent who lives alone, when the family caregiver is at work or has to be away. Many individuals, who have older parents, often worry about them being lonely, not eating well or falling and no one is nearby to help. A senior companion provides peace of mind to people, who may need to be away or just require some personal time. We have a compassionate and caring staff ready to provide the expert services needed

Specialized Companionship Care

  • Providing a friendly presence and listening ear.
  • Planning fun crafts projects and art activities.
  • Organizing a family scrapbook or memory book.
  • Helping with reading or sharing a favorite book and poetry.
  • Planning dinner parties and simple entertaining.
  • Talking about the past and historical events.
  • Enjoying a game of cards or working a puzzle.
  • Reading spiritual literature.
  • Going out to see neighbors and friends.
  • Planning a trip to special events.
  • Enjoying a rented movie or going to the cinema.
  • Keeping a calendar of appointments and other significant occasions.
  • Maintaining important appointments and keeping track of medications.
  • Nutritional help by supervising diet.
  • Checking on eating habits and food intake.
  • Help with grocery lists, as well as checking for spoiled foods and expired dates.
  • Helping with correspondence, writing and answering letters.
  • Checking on mail, organizing and paying bills.
  • Overseeing home maintenance, deliveries and answering the door.
  • Assisting with daily living skills such as; dressing, personal hygiene, hair care and basic appearance.
  • Waking in the morning and helping to bed in the evening.

An elderly companion understands an older person’s specialized needs and can respectfully assist them with their daily routines. Having companionship is beneficial to seniors and their families. A qualified caregiver can encourage seniors to participate in enjoyable activities, which lead to a more fulfilling way of life. We want to remove the stress and worry, by offering individualized home assistance and companionship for that special senior.

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